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We are connecting people and communities to improve the quality of their lives.

Residential Business Fiber Services

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At Home

Say goodbye to buffering and hello to ultra-fast internet service.


At Home

Lifeline Assistance

Qualifying households can get our most affordable internet service.

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At Work

Do business at the speed of fiber!

Business Fiber Services

At Work


Watch your favorite shows, movies and sports on your preferred devices with OzarksGo TV.



Why OzarksGo?

Get cutting-edge technology and innovative services from a local company you can trust.

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All-Fiber Network

While most internet providers use fiber optics in their network, our all-fiber network brings the power of fiber optics all the way to your home. 

  • Speeds up to 2,500 Mbps for the most demanding uses.
  • Symmetrical upload/download speeds on all our tiers so you get the best experience during video calls, multiplayer games and file transfers.
  • No data caps on any tier.
  • Fiber optic lines are immune to interference from weather and electromagnetic noise that can disrupt service provided over copper lines, satellite or cellular networks.

Customers in the lobby of OzarksGo in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Local Company, Local Support, Local Values

We are a local company, and a subsidiary of Ozarks Electric. That means our employees live and work in the communities we serve.

  • Tech support and customer service representatives are based in our Fayetteville office.
  • Visit us at our Fayetteville headquarters or one of our branch offices in Springdale, Stilwell or Westville.
  • We regularly participate in and provide Wi-Fi for community events such as the Tontitown Grape Festival, the Stilwell Strawberry Festival, the Washington County Fair and more.

Man walking through OzarksGo data center

Innovative Solutions

In addition to our flagship internet service, we offer many solutions for your connectivity and entertainment needs.

  • Managed Wi-Fi brings the power of our fiber internet to every room of your home, without the hassle of managing your own network.
  • Watch your favorite shows, movies and sports on your preferred devices with OzarksGo TV.
  • Take control of your network to set parental controls, check speeds. and manage devices with the OzarksGo app.

But don't just take our word for it!

Here's what real customers have to say about OzarksGo.


“It’s basically a dream. I had considered selling my home and moving so many times. All we had was wireless and that was expensive and iffy.”


“I have zero issues with my fast gigabit internet from OzarksGo! Best internet provider! ZERO issues!”


“I’ve had OzarksGo since the first year they started. Best decision EVER!!”


“I love OzarksGo. I will never go to anything else. You have me for life.”


“So glad to be an OzarksGo customer! We haven’t had any problems!”