Mikah Walters has always enjoyed tinkering and repairing things — as a small child, he removed all the doorknobs in the house. Walters, now 21, channeled that interest into a career repairing electronics.

MTech Cave, Walters’ business in downtown Stilwell, Oklahoma, opened in January 2019, and has had OzarksGo internet service from the beginning. The business specializes in electronics repairs, such as replacing broken cell phone screens and other components.

MTech Cave is also a gaming lounge with four high-end gaming PCs that Walters built, along with several consoles. A sign in the front window advertises hourly rates for the popular multiplayer game Fortnite.

Walters said some customers bring their gaming consoles to the store to download games using a faster connection than they have available at home, and more businesses in town are expressing an interest in launching their own websites. Walters said he thinks the availability of broadband will help keep businesses and young people in the Stilwell area.

The availability of high-speed internet is a key ingredient for his business, Walters said, allowing customers to compete in multiplayer games with other players around the world.

“I couldn’t have done this without OzarksGo,” he said.

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